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Joe Wainer
Joe WainerUpdated 5 months ago

Powerful screen mirroring app

This program is a phone mirroring solution that boasts some never-before-seen features from similar software. Testing the mettle of Apower Mirror will enable an eagle-eyed analysis of the ins and outs of this program and where it ranks in the market.

ApowerMirror shows that phone mirroring has come a long way

Whether it is for work or recreation, smartphones dominate modern-day life. These small handheld devices have even left full-fledged computers in the dust when it comes to saving time, money, and working on the go. Nevertheless, while our pocket computers have replaced our desktops and laptops in many aspects of modern life, in a corporate environment, your computer is still just as important.

ApowerMirror is the program to answer the dilemma of spreading your content between phone and computer. It is perfect for Zoom video communications therefore it makes a great addition to remote working. This solution allows you to access your phone natively on your computer, and operate it using the same keyboard and mouse combination as you do any other application on your PC or Mac.

Think about the possibilities that come with being able to use any mobile app or play any game on your phone, your PC, or Mac screen. ApowerMirror turns your phone into an extension of your computer. It allows you to:

  • Swap files between the two devices;
  • Use simple drag and drop functionality;
  • See notifications in real-time and basically do everything else that you do on your phone.
  • This need for engagement was the basis for the creation of phone mirroring software, and up until a few years ago, this was just a pipe-dream. Phone mirroring is simple in theory, but when implemented, there are a lot of hurdles and issues to making the experience seamless.

    The most common problems faced were establishing a connection in the first place due to driver or kernel incompatibility, high latency, or as it is more commonly known as, lag when transmitting your phone screen to the computer wirelessly while reliably keeping the connection alive to ensure productivity. As a result, the subpar experience when using such a product in a corporate scenario left a bad taste in the mouth of many businesses, and since then people have stayed away from them.

    Enter ApowerMirror which blew users away by its smooth functionality and stellar performance. This program is a shining example of how far phone mirroring has come in recent years.

    One-stop-shop for phone mirroring

    Download ApowerMirror onto your computer and begin using the program right away. From the get-go, the quality of this program is evident by both the clear UI and UX. To install ApowerMirror, just follow the instructions of the screen and the download process takes just moments.

    The first time you will open the application, the application will prompt you to download the ApowerMirror app onto the phone that you want to mirror the screen of your computer. Once you have done that, you are ready to connect and start mirroring. This program is simple and straightforward. There are no downloading complicated drivers or grappling with technical terminology.

    The most you will have to do is enable permission on your phone to allow your phone’s screen to be mirrored. This is a necessary step in order to ensure privacy. The privacy permission prevents simply anyone from being able to access your phone’s content.

    Now that you are ready to connect, you will notice on the main screen that you have two options: wired and wireless. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and depending on the scenario you are in, you can choose what fits best for your needs. With a wired connection, you get zero lag, however, that does not mean that wireless connection is slow. Thanks to supporting the latest WiFi6 standard, there is minimal latency during normal operation, and the only time you will notice a very slight delay is when playing graphics and network intensive games. For that, a wired connection with a USB data cable will suit you much better. Fire up ApowerMirror and you can enjoy:

  • The ability to stream a movie;
  • Use your email app;
  • Check calendar appointments;
  • Play songs that are on your phone.
  • All these features harness your PC hardware, mouse, keyboard, and speakers, together with your smartphone even across the room. This program operates efficiently and is simple to launch and navigate. It works flawlessly each and every time.

    Apowermirror has redefined what mirroring your phone is capable of

    In the early days of phone mirroring, hypothetical scenarios were proposed that few programs were capable of. Today, ApowerMirror is proof that technology now meets even the highest expectations. Alongside this program, other heavyweights in the phone mirroring industry include Team Viewer and Chrome Remote Desktop.

    TeamViewer provides most of the same features as ApowerMirror with equally satisfying results. The downside of this alternative however is that it is a paid program. Chrome Remote Desktop is a free solution that is impressively fast. A negative aspect of the Chrome Remote Desktop is that only one user may connect to a device at a time.

    The developers of ApowerMirror continue to update and improve this program on a regular basis. The software has received several updates since launch and will continue to do so to improve performance, perfect already implemented features, and introduce new ones. If you are looking for a phone mirroring solution, then this program is a no brainer. While it is not free, a one-off payment will grant you access for two PCs or Macs with the promise of lifetime upgrades. You won’t find a better deal elsewhere.

    ApowerMirror is a life hack for home and office

    We will say that ApowerMirror is everything that it is racked up to be and more. And if you want to try it out for yourself, just head over to their website and download it. The software is completely free to use, but paying will give you access to the VIP account and open up a plethora of new features.

    What’s new

    The latest version of ApowerMirror allows you to mirror your smartphone to your smart TV as well as mobile and computer. It also supports Miracast and DLNA protocols.

    Stream Phone Screen and Control Android from PC

    ApowerMirror excels in sharing phone screen with PC and empowers users to control Android from the desktop. Available on Windows and Mac platforms, it reads phone screen and cast it to the desktop. Due to the closed iOS system, it can only share iPhone screen but having trouble in controlling. However, it can access keyboard and mouse inputs for operations to control Android. The sound will be seamlessly streamed to PC as long as the device supports Chromecast or Google Home.
    For Android devices, it’s suggested that USB connection should be used to activate the program at the first time. Once “Control from PC” mode enabled, it’s alternative to connect via USB cable or the same WiFi. Users can still mirror the phone screen to PC without the mode enabled.  With cache cleared or phone restarted, activating “Control from PC” mode again will be necessary before controlling. For iOS devices which support AirPlay, this app is able to stream phone screen as well as audio to PC efficiently.
    With this tool, users are able to project the presentations saved on mobile phones to PC in a meeting or lesson. For game lovers, this program provides the superb experience on a larger screen with the help of the mouse. It’s feasible to type SMS or WhatsApp messages by using keyboard.
    During the process, users will find it convenient to capture or record the screen with one-click or shortcuts on the keyboard. The files will be saved in the local folder, which facilitates the further operation like sharing or processing. Besides, the display quality and video format can be altered. You can choose system sound, microphone, or both as you like for audio input.   
    Compared to other similar applications, ApowerMirror provides no ads and ensures high display quality, together with smooth performance in controlling.


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    User reviews about ApowerMirror

    • Aries RPK

      by Aries RPK

      good and nice app for android/ and hoping my vip is back
      please send retrive code

    • Jamal Nasr

      by Jamal Nasr

      Its convenient for me to mirror. Saves me money and makes me happy.

    • Aparna Renjith

      by Aparna Renjith

      Very user friendly. Enjoyed using it. I will definitely recommend it for my colleagues.


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